Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Announces Senator Robach Grant

Joseph E. Robach

The Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society announces the receipt from Senator Joseph Robach of a grant for $5,500.00. The basic project was to expand the presentation, research and educational opportunities at the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society.

"The Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse is one of the most historically significant landmarks in the City of Rochester and it has become a pillar of the Charlotte community. As I was born and raised in Charlotte, I know the deep community significance of this monument and, as a legislator; it is my privilege to secure state funding to preserve it. I applaud the work of the Charlotte Genesee Lighthouse Preservation Society for their diligence and passion in sustaining the beauty and history of this landmark", states Senator Joe Robach.

A digital projector and laptop computer were purchased to help in the Society’s outreach effort to the general public. “Going out into the public is one of our current endeavors to bring our Lighthouse history into the community at meetings throughout the region” states Fred Amato, President of the Society. Since receiving the equipment the Society has already been out at local schools and the annual Regional History Fair displaying Lighthouse history.

The Grant also allowed the Society to purchase Past Perfect, Museum Software. The software will allow the Society to create an electronic data base of all items at the lighthouse. It will allow for tracking Lighthouse inventory. " It is much faster to find items by searching the electronic data base, than going through the many paper files and records at the Lighthouse ", states President Amato .