Michael F. Nozzolio

Newark, NY- Senator Mike Nozzolio is encouraging everyone who may be at risk for kidney disease to take advantage of a free kidney health checkup that will take place on Saturday June 20th in Newark.  The clinic, sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation, will be held at the Alex Eligh Community Center, 303  East Avenue in Newark from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.    Senator Nozzolio helped to secure a New York State legislative grant to assist the Kidney Foundation in providing this free public service for the residents of the Newark area. 

"It is estimated that the cost for similar screenings in a hospital or clinic would be about $ 300.00,  so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this public service by the National Kidney Foundation," said Senator Nozzolio.  

One in nine adults develops chronic kidney disease.  Nearly half of the people with advanced kidney disease are unaware that they have weak or failing kidneys.   Kidney disease is often known as a silent killer and usually goes undetected until the condition becomes severe.When the kidney disease is detected early it becomes easier to treat, sometimes with simple modifications to a person's diet.  Early detection is vital to fighting the progression of the disease.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure or even a family history of kidney disease then you could be at risk for kidney disease and could benefit from this free clinic.  The warning signs of kidney disease include blood or protein in the urine, back pain, high blood pressure, burning or difficulty during urination, frequent urination at night, puffiness around the eyes or swelling of the hands and feet. 

Screenings will take approximately 45 minutes and will include a  blood pressure test, cholesterol check, glucose check, as well as urine and blood tests.  Appointments are not required but are encouraged and can be arranged by calling the National Kidney Foundation at 1-800-724-9421 extension 34.  A physician will be on site to review the results with each participant. You must be 18 years of age to participate in the clinic and no insurance is required.  You can also learn more information about kidney disease at 

"I urge all my constituents to take advantage of this free kidney disease screening and to learn more about ways to prevent and treat this very serious illness," Senator Nozzolio concluded.