Senator Diane Savino's Fight to Stop Express Bus Cuts Featured on NY1

Diane J. Savino

(Staten Island) Senator Savino was out in the cold yesterday, handing out survey cards, asking riders' opinons on the express bus service, as well as collecting petition signatures to stop the MTA's proposed cuts to express bus service in the outerboroughs.

With few transportation alternatives already, Staten Island and South Brooklyn cannot afford any reduction in service.

Senator Savino stated, "The outer boroughs should be the last place that you reduce services.  Areas that are already underserved, such as South Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the outer reaches of the Bronx and Queens should be MTA’s top priority.  Unfortunately, the Transit Authority seem to think it is preferable to force a commuter to drive or endure a two hour ferry/train/bus journey in Brooklyn or Staten Island, rather than ask an Upper Manhattan resident to either walk half a mile, take their choice of three local bus routes that cross the park, take a cab ride or even a horse drawn carriage to get to the other side of Manhattan,” said Senator Savino.

“This defies common logic and flies in the face of fairness, especially when considering the contributions that outer borough residents make to the MTA’s budget, while receiving very little service in return.  Stop picking our pockets.  They are empty,” concluded the Senator.

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