Double Jeopardy Bill Nears Full Senate Vote

Nick Reisman for NY State of Politics

Originally published in New York State of Politics

A bill that would enable New York prosecutors to continue cases despite presidential pardons is moving toward a full vote in the state Senate after its approval by the Codes Committee on Monday.

The measure is meant to close the so-called Double Jeopardy loophole. It was proposed as a way for local prosecutors in New York to continue to bring cases against those who have received pardons from the president.

“We are one step closer to ensuring New Yorkers get the justice they deserve in their own courts, even if the president tries to intervene on behalf of friends, family, or cronies,” said Sen. Todd Kaminsky.

“I applaud the Senate’s Codes Committee for advancing this critical legislation. Now the full Senate and Assembly must act — and quickly — to ensure the double jeopardy loophole is closed before any presidential pardons rob New Yorkers of their right to justice.”

The bill was proposed as a workaround of sorts in case President Donald Trump were to pardon any individuals associated with him who are also facing potential charges in New York.