Gov. Cuomo signs bill providing breastfeeding women an exemption from jury duty

Originally published in USA Herald

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approved a bill providing breastfeeding mothers an exemption from jury duty.

Under the new law, the Commissioner of Jurors shall excuse a prospective juror, who is a breastfeeding mother or postpone the time of her jury service for up to two years.

A breastfeeding mother shall submit an application to postpone her jury duty. The applicant must support her application with a note from a physician confirming that she is breastfeeding. The applicant must not have been previously granted an excuse or postponement from jury duty.

According to Sen. Montgomery, “Nursing mothers have extraordinary commitments and this new law will remove one extra source of stress for them.” She added that the newly-signed law provides “some real relief” to breastfeeding women.”

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