Letters Spreading Vaccine Misinformation Posted On Long Island Homes

Sophia Hall

Originally published in WCBS 880

MANHASSET, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — Letters filled with misinformation about vaccines were taped to doors throughout a Nassau County community over the weekend, and lawmakers are urging residents to ignore them.

The letters were taped to doors throughout Manhasset, warning residents about potential coronavirus vaccines.

In the note, the author said the government is rushing to put out a coronavirus vaccine and is seeking minorities to “experiment on.” It read that any resident who participates in the free lunch program at schools should be more aware. 

State Senator Anna Kaplan calls the letters “false,” “disturbing” and “disgusting.”

“It’s unconscionable and the wording they use – ‘you should be very alert’ – every school is trying to do right by every student and to use that as a way to put fear in people, it’s just unconscionable. There’s no way that you can excuse this.” 

She says the police are investigating, but she told residents to throw away the letters if they see them.

“These notes were taped to people’s residences, bringing fear,” Kaplan said. 

The authorities have not commented on the letters but, Kaplan says the investigation is ongoing.

No other information about the letters has been released.