Hundreds of Syracuse families receive free food, supplies on 'Food Insecurity Day'

Melanie Johnson - CNY Central

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Around 800 Syracuse families received boxes of free food and other essentials Thursday, on what Mayor Ben Walsh proclaimed "Food Insecurity Day" in the city.

Price Rite, Feed the Children and Jubilee Homes were joined by elected leaders bagging and loading up pounds of food and hygiene products.

"Even in the darkest moments, there's people who want to help and we're here," said Jim Dorey, president of Price Rite. "We're here together and each one of us can't fix it on our own, but together we're making a difference."

More relief is on the way from the federal government: $126 million worth of stimulus funds.

Some of the people in line want that money to be spent on preventing youth violence, as two teens were killed in Syracuse this past week.

Community member Desiree Duckworth said she wants to see more education for Syracuse's youth.

"Better ways to control their anger, other outlets than staying in the streets all night and hanging out," she said. "They just need better motivation."

Patricia Simon has other idea: using the money to help homeless people.

"It's hard for us, but we always try to give to them when we see them," she said.

State senators have also received $100,000 to give to local groups working on the frontlines of anti-gun violence.

"We want to make sure that we invest in these kids," said Sen. John Mannion. "That we invest in these neighborhoods and what's happening today is a part of that."

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