Sen. Mannion to Gov. Cuomo: Extend bar and restaurant hours so CNY can host Syracuse fans

Governor Cuomo and State Senator John Mannion (Photo on left courtesy: Getty Images, Photo on right courtesy: CNY Central)<p>{/p}

GEDDES, N.Y. — Sen. John Mannion (D-Geddes) sent a letter Monday to Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking him to extend hours for bars and restaurants in Central New York for Syracuse fans watching the Syracuse men's basketball Sweet 16 tip-off at 9:55 p.m. on Saturday.

Currently, bars and restaurants have to close at 11 p.m., which would cut the game short for fans.

“Syracuse University dancing into the Sweet 16 is cause for statewide pride and celebration, but if bars and restaurants are forced to close early we’re missing a golden opportunity to support struggling businesses,” said Senator Mannion. “Patrons and businesses know how to follow the public health protocols that keep everyone safe. Forcing these establishments to close at an arbitrary time on what could be their biggest night in over a year is punitive and unnecessary. Let’s show Central New York businesses that their government supports them and allow them to stay open for the big game.”

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