State leaders help to welcome Westhill students back to school

Allura Leggard

WESTHILL, N.Y. — Students at Cherry Road Elementary School in the Westhill Central School District, walked through the doors Tuesday morning to start the new school year after more than a year of COVID-19 pandemic obstacles.

Teachers, staff and State Senator John Mannion welcomed incoming second, third and fourth graders.

Mannion expressed his enthusiasm to CNY Central saying he was eager to see all the kids' faces.

He said in order for schools to maintain in-person learning, they need to be proactive with testing and following safety procedures so everyone can enjoy the new school year.

"The reactions of some of them coming off the bus, you can tell that they are ready to be engaged," said Mannion. "They're happy to see their friends and their teachers and you know, we're all going to do, in education and otherwise, what we can to make sure they have a great experience this year."

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