Kaplan Bill Keeping Political Advertisements Off of Public Property Passes NYS Senate

Chris Boyle

Originally published in LongIsland.com

Last week, the New York State Senate passed legislation, S.4539B/A.5458B, that prohibits the display of political advertisements on or in public property owned by the taxpayers. The bill by Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-North Hills) was introduced following an incident on Long Island where a political campaign flag was prominently displayed in the window of a fire station in Nassau County.

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said "it's totally inappropriate to use public property for political purposes, but sadly we've seen that line crossed time and again because our laws are too weak to stop it. Public property belongs to the taxpayers, not any political party or candidate, and by banning the display of political advertisements on public structures and equipment, we're protecting what's ours from abuse by those with a partisan agenda."

The bill, S.4539B/A.5458B, will:

  • Prohibit the display of political advertisements on public property: The bill will prohibit any municipal officer or employee, paid or unpaid, from selling or displaying a political advertisement on or in a public building, flag pole, monument, sign, vehicle, uniform, or other permanent structure except when the display is for educational or historical purposes.

Following passage in the Senate, the bill now goes to the State Assembly for consideration.