Long Island playground targeted with neo-Nazi graffiti

Originally published in Israel National News

A Long Island playground popular with children and families was targeted with neo-Nazi graffiti, with parkgoers discovering antisemitic symbols carved into multiple bathroom stalls.

Nassau County police have opened an investigation into multiple swastikas found in the restrooms at Cedar Creek Park in Seaford, according to Newsday.

Police were called about the antisemitic graffiti at 3pm on Saturday. They said that it was not clear when the vandalism took place and would not comment on whether they had surveillance footage from the park.

Local politicians condemned the incident, with state Senator Anna Kaplan calling the graffiti a “vile display of hatred.”

“I’m horrified by the latest discovery of antisemitic vandalism on Long Island, and I’m disgusted that once again it was found in a public park where children and families should be able to enjoy themselves without being confronted by vile displays of hatred,” Kaplan said.

She called on Nassau County to increase the police presence in parks and public facilities.

"Nassau County is a community that welcomes people of all races, religions and ethnic groups," Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told the news outlet. "This type of behavior will not be tolerated."