Kids’ reading and exercise successes get awards from Skoufis

Jessica Cohen

Originally published in The Chronicle

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) honored participants of his Summer Reading & Exercise Challenge with a ceremony at Chester Public Library last week.

Over 20 students from eight school districts and their families gathered at the library for a live-animal presentation by Carl Heitmuller, Director of Programs for Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, before receiving their honorary certificates from Skoufis and his team. Heitmuller treated the students to an up-close encounter with a Black Rat Snake named Kevin and an Eastern Screech Owl named Gus.

Skoufis hosts a reading challenge annually, but decided to add an exercise element in response to most students’ pandemic experiences stuck at home over the past two years.

“For many, summer is a time to cut loose – which is important – but these kids pushed themselves to stay curious and keep their bodies moving.”