New York Voters Want a Higher Minimum Wage

By Anika Dandekar and Evangel Penumaka

Originally published in Data for Progress

In New York, minimum wage workers are struggling to afford basic necessities. For decades, wages have not increased to keep up with rapidly rising costs of living, let alone keep up with workforce productivity. Increasing the minimum wage would likely boost all wages, as well as increase workforce participation

New polling from Data for Progress shows bipartisan support among New York voters for increasing the minimum wage to keep up with living costs. Furthermore, New York voters of all backgrounds say they would be more likely to vote for a political candidate who supports raising the minimum wage.

Support for Increasing the Minimum Wage

We first examined general attitudes toward a living wage in New York. Among all likely voters in New York, 95 percent say the minimum wage should be at least $15 in order to have a living wage, while 62 percent say the minimum wage should be at least $20 to be a living wage. Sixty-two percent of Democrats, 66 percent of Independents, and 56 percent of Republicans believe a living wage in New York is at least $20.

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