Senator Sean Ryan calls for community priorities with Bills stadium negotiations (WBEN)

Originally published in WBEN

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - New York State Senator Sean Ryan is calling for a community benefits agreement (CBA) to be negotiated as part of any final agreement made for a new Buffalo Bills stadium.

As part of his announcement on Wednesday, Senator Ryan outlined a list of six recommended priorities for a CBA, including a project labor agreement for construction work, wage protections for stadium workers, plans for public transportation and traffic management, a community fund to support residents of Erie County, a storm water management plan and financial support for Orchard Park.

"As the negotiations are coming closer to an end, we want to make sure – the state is going to put in substantial money here – and we want to make sure that this stadium project has a good ripple-effect throughout the community," said Senator Ryan. "We want to make sure the construction jobs are union jobs, we want to make sure that the people working inside the stadium – whether they're cleaning or providing security or pouring beer – they get paid good wages. We want to make sure there's good public transportation to be able to get to the stadium, so if you want to work there, or attend a game, you can get there without just your car. And we want to make sure that the town of Orchard Park doesn't have to shell out any of their own money for police and traffic. It should be all part of the deal."

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