Elected officials announce bills aimed toward safety initiatives surrounding lithium ion batteries

Iwen Chu

Originally published in News12 Brooklyn on .
Sen Chu News12

City officials announced a series of bills to help tackle the safety concerns surrounding lithium-ion batteries. According to the FDNY, the hazard has killed 18 people in New York City in 2023. 

Between food delivery drivers to commuters utilizing them as their main mode of transportation to work, it seems like e-bikes and e-scooters are now everywhere we go. With this, lithium-ion batteries have been more present across the city. 

Unfortunately with that increase, Mayor Eric Adams says we've seen over 250 fires this year alone sparked by these batteries, which is up from just 30 in 2019. 

Sen. Iwen Chu is trying to change that with new legislation that will focus on improving safety when it comes to lithium-ion batteries. She will announce her plan at the site of a fire in Sunset Park, that displaced multiple families last year. 

Chu says the legislation will help enhance safety through common sense guidelines and stricter regulations. 

In recent years, the numbers of New Yorkers affected by these fires have skyrocketed. In 2022 the FDNY says there were 216 fires sparked by lithium-ion batteries, killing six new Yorkers. This year, those deaths have tripled.