Senator Iwen Chu Visits School of Education Course

Originally published in Hunter College School of Education on .
Sen Chu at Hunter College

As part of the Teaching Fellows D75 program course Teaching Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (SPED 704.5), Senator Iwen Chu, the first female Asian Senator was invited to speak to teacher candidates on the topic of Awareness of Assimilating to the American Culture.

This effort was led by Adjunct Professor Kin Mark and co-teacher Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr. Jude Arthur.

Senator Iwen Chu is a New York State Senator (D) representing the 17th district in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Taiwan, China, Senator Chu worked as a journalist, community advocate for AAPI community and went on to work for the NY State Assembly for 10 years. She has been an active leader in the South Brooklyn community, a champion, not only for her community, but for immigrant rights. As a government official with influence in Albany. she continues to lead the way for quality education, healthcare and quality of life. She is active in leading the way for her community. Senator Chu is a graduate of the CUNY system with a Masters of Sociology from Brooklyn College.

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