NYS Senate passes legislation protecting rights of domestic, sexual violence survivors

By WBNG Staff

ALBANY, NY (WBNG) -- State Senator Lea Webb (D, 52) announced the passage of a legislative package geared toward protecting the rights of domestic and sexual violence survivors.

Posted below is a breakdown of the package include, provided by Webb’s office:

  • Victims’ Rights Disclosures: This bill, S5502, sponsored by Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton would provide additional rights to crime victims and require the court or district attorney, either at sentencing or at the earliest time possible, to provide the victims of said crime with an informational sheet explaining their rights.
  • Defining Victims of Unlawful Image Dissemination: This bill, S3236, sponsored by Senator Luis Sepúlveda would add to the definition of a victim of a sexual offense by including a victim of unlawful dissemination or publication of an intimate image.
  • Enacting Emma’s Law: This bill, S1901, sponsored by Senator Toby Ann Stavisky enacts Emma’s Law, providing for victim statements to be read at the sentencing of a defendant for a misdemeanor.


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