This proposed New York law would provide more information to crime victims

By Paul Liotta

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The New York Senate passed a piece of legislation last week — sponsored by State Sen. Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D-North Shore/Southern Brooklyn) — that would make an information pamphlet about victims’ rights available to victims and their family members in the case of homicides.

Those pamphlets already exist for crime victims, but not their family members. Additionally, the pamphlets only contain information about the state of Office of Victims Services, but would also include information about the Office of Victims Assistance should the bill become law.

“Victims of crime deserve to know their rights and have access to resources and support,” Scarcella-Spanton said. “This bill is one way we can support and protect victims here in New York State”

Her legislation would also add more information to the pamphlets about the ability of victims and their family members to register with the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Office of Victim Assistance to receive information about a perpetrator’s release from a state correctional facility.

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