Verrazzano Staten Island resident toll rebate secured in NY Senate; bridge speed cameras omitted from budget

By Giavanni Alves | Staten Island Advance

The New York Senate passed its One-House Budget Resolution, which included nixing a possible speed camera program for MTA bridges and tunnels, and adding more funding to retain the Staten Island residents toll rebate program for the Verrazzano.

“I am proud that the short-sighted plan to put speed cameras on the Verrazzano Bridge was excluded from this resolution,” said State Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D-North Shore/South Brooklyn). “Staten Islanders already suffer from the longest commutes in the country, and putting cameras on the Verrazzano would only make things worse, taking advantage of the many borough residents who rely on the bridge for their daily commutes. We also worked with help Staten Islanders with their commutes by securing the resident toll discount, and are making sure that it stays in place – even if they try to raise our tolls.”

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