Senate Majority To Pass Legislation To Lift Limousine Safety And Protect Passengers

Harlem World

Originally published in Harlem World

Bill Sponsor Senator Monica Martinez said, “The Senate Majority has taken bold steps to strengthen and improve the safety of limousines and I am proud to be part of it.  Limousines are often chosen as a mode of transportation for events and leisure to alleviate road safety concerns. The tragic 2015 Cutchogue crash where four young women were killed while four were injured, and the horrific 2018 Schoharie crash, where twenty lives were lost, is not something any family should have to endure.  This legislative package is an effort to prevent further accidents from occurring. Bill S1367 which I am proud to sponsor, creates a pre-trip safety briefing for passengers, similar to those administered for airline passengers or other commercial rides. The intent of its implementation is to safeguard passengers by providing proactive information to aid in preventing future tragedies in our communities.”