Many ways to fund a library in Buffalo (Investigative Post)

Garrett Looker - Investigative Post

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State senator wants more for libraries

New York State funds roughly 15 percent of the (Buffalo & Erie County) library system’s operating budget, with the county picking up virtually all the rest. The state also chips in more than $1 million annually toward capital construction.

Ryan, who serves on the Senate Library committee, is calling for more funding. 

“There’s definitely more for the state to do,” Ryan said. “We need to put more into that part of the budget. It’s an ongoing struggle, it’s not going to be solved in one budget year. But we are nowhere near close meeting the capital needs of libraries throughout New York State.”

Between state construction aid and the City of Buffalo’s bonded funds, more than $6 million has been spent upgrading Buffalo’s library branches since 2019.

But it hasn’t been enough.

“There is no library renovation that occurs without state money,” Ryan said. “Erie County couldn’t afford to do it alone.”

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