Aubertine Applauds the Creation of State Energy Plan

Darrel J. Aubertine

December 15, 2009


Plan Will Help Make Energy More Affordable, Reliable, Environmentally Friendly & Secure for New Yorkers

WATERTOWN (December 15, 2009)—State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine, chair of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, said today that the new State Energy Plan will provide the “framework” necessary for New York to build a clean energy economy that meets the needs of New York State.

“This State Energy Plan will provide the important framework to help New York establish itself as the nation’s leader in energy efficiency, development and independence for years to come,” Sen. Aubertine said. “Our goal must be to provide reliable, affordable, and clean energy to meet all of our needs, from business to residential customers. New York State’s energy industries face the challenge of meeting our needs as a state for a decade, but with that challenge comes the opportunity to revitalize our economy.”

Governor David A. Paterson today accepted the final 2009 State Energy Plan from the New York State Energy Planning Board. The Energy Plan provides a comprehensive blueprint for New York to continue to transition to a clean energy economy over a 10-year planning horizon, and is the first state energy plan since 2002. The recommendations and action items in the plan are intended to make energy more reliable, secure and affordable for New Yorkers, address the threat of climate change and result in a cleaner environment.

“New York State’s future will depend on new energy sources, from a fourth nuclear reactor in Oswego County to agricultural sources, and efficiency, through weatherization and Smart Grid technologies, creating jobs that will also sustain our economy,” Sen. Aubertine said. “I want to thank the Governor, Deputy Secretary for Energy Tom Congdon and staff for giving all of us the opportunity to weigh in on this plan, holding the first hearing in Canton, and providing the leadership to make this a priority.”

In his comments to the Governor and Mr. Congdon, Sen. Aubertine expressed his support for the plan and legislation he supported, which the Governor signed, to re-codify the state energy planning process in law to ensure the critical work of comprehensive periodic energy planning and analysis continues.

The Senator noted that among the challenges and opportunities for New York State will be maximizing creation of green jobs and making key infrastructure investments to ensure efficiency goals are reached while also keeping prices down, especially in the near to mid-term until savings from these efficiencies are realized. Sen. Aubertine also noted the need to utilize existing state supplies of natural energy resources and develop new in state generation facilities, such as the proposed new nuclear reactor at Nine Mile Point in Oswego County.

The Senator also emphasized the needs of New York’s agriculture industry, both in terms of reducing costs for farms and agribusiness, as well as in terms of utilizing the state’s agricultural resources to develop alternative energies. In addition, Sen. Aubertine noted the work he has done as chair with the Assembly Energy Committee chair to gather input across the state to best use low cost power to create and sustain good paying jobs for hard working New Yorkers.

From Governor Paterson’s Release: The Plan identifies a number of specific policy initiatives that set forth a vision for a robust and innovative clean energy economy that will stimulate investment, create jobs and meet the energy needs of residents and businesses over the next ten years. The policy initiatives are organized by five overarching strategies:

  • Continue to expand opportunities to improve energy efficiency – the cleanest, cheapest energy resource. 
  • Support the development of in-State energy supplies.
  • Encourage investment in, and identify future needs for, energy infrastructure. 
  • Stimulate innovation in the clean energy economy and help the existing manufacturing base transition to low-carbon future. 
  • Improve coordination between the State, other governments, and communities.


Among the specific initiatives that Governor Paterson will propose in 2010 include:

  • Improve coordination and expand energy efficiency and renewable energy programs across the State in support of the Governor’s ‘45 by 15’ clean energy goal. 
  • Submit legislation that will establish a power plant sitting process that will provide greater certainty to developers and greater opportunities for public involvement.
  • Submit legislation to establish a long-term Power for Jobs program and develop new selection criteria that encourages energy efficiency and improves coordination between NYPA and ESD.
  • Submit legislation to “green” the State’s energy code and remove loopholes that have limited the code’s effectiveness.
  • Submit legislation to require disclosure of energy characteristics of buildings at the time of sale.
  • Work with NYSERDA to issue at least two solicitations over the next year for large-scale renewable energy projects under the recently expanded Renewable Portfolio Standard.
  • Work with NYPA to issue RFP for 100 megawatts of solar energy statewide.
  • Work with LIPA and the NYC-Long Island Offshore Wind Collaborative to issue an RFP for an offshore wind project off the coast of the Rockaways.
  • Ensure stringent environmental safeguards are in place prior to processing permit applications for natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale gas reserves.
  • Release a Climate Action Plan that will identify strategies to achieve an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • Develop energy facility sitting and permitting procedures to assess and consider disproportionate environmental burdens in potential environmental justice areas.
  • Establish incentives to repower existing power plants to reduce emissions and increase power output.


The complete 2009 State Energy Plan, which includes a detailed implementation table and 16 in-depth issue briefs and assessments, is available at