Senator Savino Releases Ferry Service Report

Diane J. Savino

August 14, 2009

Senator Savino Releases Ferry Service Report

Calls for increased service, security on bus ramps, and quiet deck
Online website ferry service poll unveiled

(Staten Island) – Senator Diane J. Savino today unveiled the Ferry Report, which details the results of a ferry service survey, conducted a month ago on both the St. George and Manhattan Terminals.

Staff members of Senator Savino’s office handed out and collected Ferry Report Cards, a detailed questionnaire surveying the availability of retail outlets, service, cleanliness, security, and frequency of bus and subway connections, for three days, between June 30th and July 1st.  Over 500 cards were filled out and returned, a response rate of approximately 21%.  

Some of the major issues that riders expressed were the lack of retail options in the terminals, infrequent service, and lack of security in the bus ramps.  Another common complaint was excessive noise on the boats.  

“Transportation is one of the biggest quality of life issues for Staten Islanders.  We are plagued with traffic congestion, one of the longest commute times in the country, and no real free way off the island.  Because of this, the quality and frequency of service on the ferry is very important to my constituents, many of whom take the ferry to and from work every day,” said Senator Savino

“The Ferry Report Card gives a voice to riders and allows them to give their opinions of the ferry, as well as make suggestions on how the service can be improved,” added Ms. Savino.

Constituents who are interested in filling out the survey, can fill out an ongoing poll at: Results will be compiled regularly and released.