Statement from Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith Regarding Additional NYC School Closings Due to H1N1

Malcolm A. Smith

May 17, 2009

“Today, I was informed by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg that New York City has made the decision to close three more schools in response to increased influenza-like symptoms related to H1N1. I would like to express my deep concern with the evolving situation and applaud the Mayor, Governor and city and state health agencies for their immediate and decisive response.
I will continue to be briefed by city, state and federal health officials and monitor the situation over the coming days and weeks to ensure that the issues I raised earlier concerning the availability of test kits and tamiflu are addressed. With eight additional school closings over the past three days, my main concern is that parents, children and teachers have access to the health care tools they need while the appropriate health agencies continue to track and identify the spread of the influenza.
As a parent who witnessed firsthand the fear and uncertainty that accompanies a medical issue involving our children, I want all New Yorkers to know that the city and state are doing everything possible to keep the public well-informed and protected from serious illness.”