Mayor Brown Joins Congressman Higgins, Assemblyman Schroeder, Senator Stachowski and County Legislator Kennedy to Announce Infrastructure Improvements on Tifft Street Corridor

William T. Stachowski

May 1, 2009


April  17, 2009


Mayor Byron W. Brown today joined Congressman Brian Higgins, New York State Senator William Stachowski, New York State Assemblyman Mark Schroeder and Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy to announce an infrastructure improvement program for the Tifft Street corridor in South Buffalo.

The project, supported by $682,500 in federal Transportation Enhancements Program funds, will include new sidewalks, landscaping and pedestrian signal improvements on South Park Avenue by Tifft Street and new signage, street lighting and sidewalks, including new roadway striping for bike lanes on Tifft Street from South Park Avenue to the waterfront.

The $682,500 in funding is part of an overall $3,125,000 infrastructure improvement program paid through the federal Transportation Enhancements Program. The additional funds will go to projects in close proximity to Tifft Street along the city’s waterfront, which will be announced soon.

“This is another example of the effective leadership of the elected officials representing this area of Buffalo, who continue to work diligently to improve the infrastructure of the community, which, in turn, improves the quality of life of the neighborhoods’ residents,” said Mayor Brown. “Thanks to the diligence of Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy and the critically important support of Congressman Higgins, Senator Stachowski and Assemblyman Schroeder, this project will have a lasting positive effect on this important corridor that connects this section of South Buffalo with the waterfront.”

“This funding will allow us to build on the South Park project currently moving forward under the leadership of Tim Kennedy and will enhance and strengthen the connection between this commercial and residential corridor and our waterfront,” said Congressman Brian Higgins.

“This is another example of a positive, tangible improvement to the waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods thanks to federal funds and the hard work our elected officials,” said Senator Stachowski. “The efforts of Mayor Brown, Congressman Higgins, and Legislator Kennedy and of course Assemblyman Schroeder and we in the senate do make a difference.”

“The Tifft Street extension of the South Park Avenue Revitalization project will create uniformity between our South Buffalo neighborhood and our waterfront,” said County Legislator Kennedy. “This positive infusion of taxpayers’ dollars combined with the combined ongoing economic development efforts on our waterfront and South Park Avenue is going to transform the infrastructure of our neighborhood for generations to come.”

"Tifft Street is South Buffalo's gateway to Lake Erie and these improvements will link Congressman Higgins success on the Waterfront with Legislator Kennedy's efforts on South Park Avenue," said Assemblyman Schroeder, adding that this is another example of Mayor Brown showing his strong commitment to South Buffalo

It is expected that the city’s Department of Public Works will begin the bidding process for the infrastructure improvements over the next few weeks and work will begin this summer