Senator Thompson Leading The Way In Child Advocacy. "Preserving the Future."

Antoine M Thompson

June 23, 2010

Buffalo, NY- New York State Senator Antoine Thompson (D-parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) comes to the rescue of children in Western New York by sponsoring a bill that would ban the use of Bishpenol-A in products for children age three and under.

The bill (#S3296) includes childcare products such as pacifiers, baby bottles, baby bottle liners, cups, cup lids, straws and sippy cups.  These are products parents innocently expose their child to on a daily basis without knowing their possible risk.

The problems caused by Bishpenol-A, Thompson says, can be harmful to a child’s health. “Studies have shown that BPA has been linked to early onset puberty, polycystic ovary syndrome and breast and prostate cancer.”

The bill, (#S3296) which passed overwhelmingly in 58 to 0 vote also contains civil penalties for violations of its provisions. Four counties in NYS have enacted local laws prohibiting the use of BPA in sippy cups and baby bottles, but Senator Thompson is working to make this a mandatory law statewide.