Thompson Pushes For Environmental Upgrades. "Calculating Emissions."

Antoine M Thompson

June 21, 2010

For Immediate Release June 21, 2010
Contact: Ken Houston 716.854.8705

BUFFALO, NY – New York State Senator Antoine Thompson (D-parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) is working to make changes to the Environmental Conservation Law. The bill (#S5689) sponsored by Thompson would require every State agency to conduct  an annual environmental audit, which consist of calculating the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it generates.

Thompson says, “The bill would also require each agency to describe the actual emissions and take the necessary steps to reduce them and any potential problems.”
The Senator says, amending the Environmental Conservation Law is critical, because studies show that the warming of the earth’s atmosphere poses a grave danger to humans, animals and the environment. 

Scientific studies show the problems can range from an increased number of asthma attacks and damage to the coastal infrastructure.
Members of the Senate overwhelmingly approved Thompson’s legislation in a vote of 55 to 6.