Thompson Pushing For State Wide Solar Compliance "Switch No Longer Needed."

Antoine M Thompson

June 28, 2010

For Immediate Release
June 24, 2010
Contact: Ken Houston 716.854.8705

Buffalo, NY – New York State Senator Antoine Thompson (D-parts of Erie & Niagara Counties) passes legislation that changes the rules when it comes to residential   solar electric generating equipment.

The bill (#S7712) would no longer require the use of an external lockable disconnect switch of  less than 25 kilowatts provided the equipment is in compliance with the Underwriters Laboratories Interconnections Standard.
“The switch is an expensive, unnecessary service”, says Senator Thompson . “This bill would save homeowners money, but still meet the environmental requirements.  Under the current law customers pay anywhere between $700 to $1400 for the disconnect switch.”

While utility companies throughout the state have complied with the ruling, the Long Island Power Authority has yet to get on board, however, Senator Thompson is hoping to change that.