Pushing for transparency at the New York Power Authority

George D. Maziarz

August 17, 2010

Senator George Maziarz (R-C, Newfane), Chairman of the New York State Senate Energy Committee, has requested the New York Power Authority release key information to the public regarding the Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) Project.  Specifically, Senator Maziarz is echoing calls that NYPA make known the identities of the five project bidders, the prospective site locations, and other basic details pertaining to the bids.  Today, Senator Maziarz requested this information under the New York State Freedom of Information Law.

“The Power Authority is sitting on this information,” Senator Maziarz said.  “It’s contemptuous.  The public has a right to know how this project may impact the Great Lakes and upstate New York.”

Below is the full text of Senator Maziarz’ letter to the New York Power Authority.





August 16, 2010


Office of the Secretary

New York Power Authority

123 Main St.

White Plains, NY 10601


Dear Secretary:

Two and a half months ago, the New York Power Authority announced, with much publicity and fanfare, that it received five proposals from private companies seeking to develop the Great Lakes Offshore Wind project (GLOW).  Despite the public relations blitz that accompanied this announcement, NYPA has been less than forthcoming about providing background information relating to the interested firms—even when faced with requests from the Democrat and Chronicle under the Freedom of Information Law which have been buttressed by the New York State Committee on Open Government.  To continue to refuse to release basic information, such as the names of the bidders and the targeted geographic areas for development, is another example of NYPA’s fundamental misunderstanding of its responsibility to the public.  This is a failure that ought to be corrected immediately.

As Chairman of the New York State Senate Energy Committee, and as the representative of more than sixty miles of beautiful Lake Ontario shoreline, I hereby join the Democrat and Chronicle in making a request to NYPA for information about the GLOW project.  Specifically, I would like you to provide me with: the names of each of the five bidders, their corporate contact information, the number of turbines they propose to build, the precise location of the proposed turbines, and any cost associated to NYPA or the State of New York for their construction and operation.

The public should not be kept in the dark for months on end until NYPA completes its “internal review” and handpicks its favorite bidder.  The affected citizens and taxpayers of this state should be engaged early and often regarding the GLOW project, and that can only happen when NYPA candidly presents these important facts listed above the public.   

I look forward to your prompt reply to this FOIL request within five business days, as required by the New York Public Officers Law.  Thank you for your cooperation.


George D. Maziarz

Senator, 62nd District


CC: Richard Kessel, NYPA President and CEO