Statement by Senate Labor Committee Chairman George Onorato regarding the decision by the Workers' Compensation Board to delay implementation of its new "Managed Adjudication Path" program

George Onorato

February 26, 2010

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State Senator George Onorato
Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Labor

FOR RELEASE:  February 26, 2010
CONTACT: Janet K.Kash (518)455-3486


      State Senator George Onorato, the chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Labor, made the following statement regarding the decision by the State Workers’ Compensation Board to delay implementation of its new “Managed Adjudication Path” program:

      “I am very pleased that Workers’ Compensation Board Chairman Robert Beloten has decided to place a hold on the MAP program, which was scheduled to go into effect today.  I commend him for paying heed to the many witnesses who testified against the program at the Labor Committee hearing on Wednesday, and who agree that MAP would violate their due process rights under the workers’ compensation law.  It is encouraging to hear that the Chairman plans to share his ideas to improve the conciliation process with representatives of injured workers and employers.  

      “However, under our system of government, any change to the conciliation law can only be made by the Legislature, through a process that allows public debate and consideration of the views of all stakeholders.  As with prior reforms to the workers’ compensation law, the Board cannot simply go forward with new procedures that violate state law.  

      “With that said, I look forward to working with Chairman Beloten and other stakeholders to ensure that the workers’ compensation system does the job it is intended to do: that of  meeting the needs of claimants in a process that is fair to both injured workers and their employers.”

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