Stachowski Reacts to State of the State Message


       Senator William T. Stachowski (D-C, Lake View) said that he
anticipates a fresh start to this new legislative session upon viewing the
2010 State of the State Message issued today by Governor David Paterson.

       “This was a difficult year with an historic budget deficit that
created complex problems for our state,” said Senator Stachowski.  “While
we are still dealing with these very serious challenges, I was pleased to
hear the Governor’s proposals on budget and ethics reform.  A budget
deficit of the magnitude we just faced and could be facing again this year
affects every New Yorker.  It is only through structural changes to the
budget and conscientious and realistic cuts that the state can get its
fiscal footing back.

       “New Yorkers’ priorities are simple:  they want more jobs, lower
taxes, and a government that keeps our state affordable.  It will be our
responsibility to put the taxpayers’ needs above all else.  As Chairman of
the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business,
my own focus will be to bring more jobs to New York, and especially to
Western New York, control spending, and pass property tax relief for our
struggling families.  By changing the way the budget is proposed,
negotiated, and implemented we can ultimately bring this relief to our
hardworking families.

       “I  was  pleased  that the Governor spoke about affordable housing in
Buffalo.   Truly,  we  are  facing a vacant housing crisis in our city that
needs  urgently  to  be addressed.  I was also pleased to hear the Governor
speak about the manufacturing industry and the Small Business Task Force of
which  I  am  a  member,  in addition to the Power For Jobs Program and the
Excelsior  Jobs  Program  as  a  replacement  for  the current Empire Zones
Program.   As  a  strong  supporter of these initiatives, I look forward to
working  with  the  Governor  in  reshaping  this program to best serve the
business  community.   I  was  encouraged  that  the Governor mentioned the
importance   of   research  and  development  in  our  public  and  private
universities.  This is exactly what my U.B. 2020 economic growth plan would
do in terms of saving taxpayers money and keeping us competitive with other
state   systems  and  public  research  universities,  and  I  welcome  the
Governor’s support in this effort for the University of Buffalo.

     While  I  believe  Governor  Paterson recognizes the special needs of
upstate  New  York,  I  had  hoped  there  would  have  been  more in-depth
discussion  of  reducing  homeowners’  property  taxes.   This is upstate’s
number  one  priority  and  will  continue to  be one of my main goals this
year.   Providing  homeowners  with  more relief from skyrocketing property
taxes  is  the  most  important  thing we can do. I am encouraged about the
prospects  this  new  year  can  bring  and  look forward to the tremendous
achievements I know we can make.”