Senator Carlucci Informs Small Businesses and Constituents about New York State Register On-line Announcing Advertisements for Bidders/Contractors and Proposed Regulations

David Carlucci

March 16, 2011

     As the newly appointed Chairman of the New York State Senate’s Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC), Senator Carlucci would like to take the opportunity to notify small businesses and constituents that New York State advertisements for bidders and contractors are on-line. In addition, all New York state agency proposed rule makings are located at the same web address.

     “During my brief time as ARRC Chairman, businesses and constituents have asked me about the rule making process and the New York State Register. Some of the interested businesses and constituents did not realize that the State’s contracts for bid are located within the New York State Register and it is as easy as going on-line, at the following web address, to find out what contracts are available for bid,” Carlucci said.

     The web address for NYS advertisements for bidders and contractors and agency proposed regulations is:

     “As a previous town clerk, I was aware of the published version of the NYS Register but I did not know it was easy to access on-line. I have visited the site myself and found it useful for the announcement of state contracts put out to bid and to find out about regulations state agencies are proposing,” Carlucci said.

     In addition, The New York State Register lists the availability of state and federal funds or grants, miscellaneous notices for abandoned property received by the State Comptroller, state surplus auctions, securities offerings, Executive Orders and various court notices.