Statement from Senator Maziarz on Indian Point nuclear safety hearing

George D. Maziarz

May 13, 2011

The testimony provided at this hearing was invaluable in that it provided a fair and balanced assessment of the security situation at Indian Point, and in my mind demonstrated that the plant is taking the necessary steps to protect both its employees and the surrounding communities.



The situation that happened in Japan is tragic, but the information that has come to light at this hearing makes it clear that while we must always remain vigilant in regards to safety, we cannot discount the importance of the continued operation of Indian Point to both the reliability of the electrical grid and the bottom line cost to the consumer. Everyone supports safety, but it is clear that some have used the disaster in Japan to support their political goal of closing Indian Point—thereby imposing higher energy costs on the downstate region. Indian Point is a vital part of our energy infrastructure and the information provided today proves that it must continue to operate, and operate safely.


*In the accompanying photo, Senator Maziarz and some of his colleagues are shown touring the Indian Point nuclear power facility.