Governor Cuomo Signs Senator Carlucci Law to Help Small Business

David Carlucci

November 7, 2012

Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 462 of 2012 that will continue, for four more years, the improvements made to agency regulatory agendas (SAPA Section 202-d).  The new law will also improve the effectiveness of the current "five-year review" process by providing for better outreach and more timely initial review of rules that impact small businesses and local governments.  The legislation was supported by the National Federation of Independent Business and the Business Council of New York State.

Senator David Carlucci sought to improve the effectiveness of the law for small businesses.  As a result, Senator Carlucci inserted language that will speed the review process for rules that impact small businesses from a five-year review cycle to a period beginning at two-years and continuing up to five-years (SAPA Section 207, 1&2)

Agency regulatory agendas are usually published in the first issue of the January New York State Register.  Regulatory agendas consist of a list of rule making ideas that are not being formally proposed but may be acted on by various agencies within the upcoming year.  Regulatory agendas have served as examples of "good government legislation."  Regulatory agendas give constituents, businesses and local governments the ability to understand, in advance of being proposed, rules state agencies may consider enacting during the new year.

Assemblyman Lavine sponsored this important legislation in the New York State Assembly.  Senator Catharine Young sponsored an earlier version of the law, Chapter 193 of 2008.