Senator Zeldin to Introduce Legislation to Protect Consumers at the Gas Pump

Lee M. Zeldin

March 14, 2012

Albany, NY- Responding to a story in today’s Newsday, Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R, C, I- Shirley), Chairman of the Senate Consumer Protection Committee, announced he will introduce legislation to protect consumers at the gas pump.

“I am concerned that some gas stations on Long Island are getting away with charging consumers as much as $1 per gallon more for credit card than with cash. Moreover, the deceptive advertising that is happening is outrageous and has to stop,” said Senator Zeldin.

Senator Zeldin will introduce legislation that would require gas stations to post both the cash and credit price prominently on the street level display sign. This new law would only apply to gas stations that charge more than a 10 cent difference between the cash and credit prices. Gas and service stations would face stiff penalties for not bringing their advertizing practices into compliance.

“Requiring gas stations to post the markup they are charging will protect consumers as they shop around for the best price,” concluded Senator Zeldin.

Senator Zeldin plans on introducing this legislation and putting it before his committee within the next month.