Grisanti repair program for pesticide containers signed into law by governor

Mark Grisanti

April 11, 2012

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced that  Governor Cuomo has signed into law Grisanti’s legislation which extends for two years the provision of the environmental conservation law that allows merchants in the State of New York to implement a “minor repair program” for damaged pesticide containers and lawn fertilizers containing pesticides.

This act will bring New York State in line with the national program implemented by the EPA in 2009 to address concerns of the unnecessary disposal of consumer pesticide products such as lawn fertilizers.

The EPA noted that approximately five million pounds of consumer pesticide products may become waste each year due to damage to the containers before being sold by retailers. With this provision allowing for minor repairs, retailers will minimize waste and prevent additional pollution.

“I am thrilled that this bill has become law.  With spring comes a renewed attention to lawn care and utilization of fertilizers that could be disposed of unnecessarily just for having a damaged container.  By allowing retailers to repair damaged pesticide containers and lawn fertilizers containing pesticides in an approved manor that does not affect the integrity of the product, New York State will be protecting the environment from additional waste and pollution,” said Senator Mark Grisanti,

Companies will be asked to submit a proposal to demonstrate that their “minor repair program” maintains the product’s integrity, that there is no appreciable loss of contents or change in the net contents as indicated on the label, and the physical characteristics of the product have remained unchanged with no dampening or hardening as a result of contact with water or other liquids.  Further, the patch used must be made of sufficient material to remain affixed, prevent leakage during the life of the container, and must not comprise the strength of the container.  The people tasked with making the repair also need to be trained appropriately.

The  Repair of Damaged Pesticide Containers law (S6401A-2011) goes into effect immediately and extends the provision until March 2014.