Senator Kathleen Marchione Named New Co-chair of Senate Regulatory Commission

Kathleen A. Marchione

August 2, 2013

Senator Kathleen Marchione, in her freshman year as a state lawmaker, has been given the difficult job of Co-chair for the Senate's Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC).  With this responsibility, Senator Marchione is charged with implementing the often complex State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA) and the review of all state agency regulations for the Legislature.

Senator Marchione plans to use the Commission as an effective tool to help New York State constituents, businesses and local governments both understand and act to reduce the burdensome regulatory mandates formulated in Albany.  The Senator would like to use her new job to tame the onerous regualtory environment that pervades New York State by forcing agencies to review their rules to find and omit redundent, outdated and overlapping regualtions.

Senator Marchione believes state agencies should begin the process of cutting regulations instead of adding more mandates to the law books.  The Senator noted that state agencies have added over 1000 new regualtions over the last four years.  She believes that this regulatory maze needs to stop so that constituents, businesses and local governments can speand less time on regulatory paperwork and forced mandates and spend more time creating jobs.