Grisanti Announces $400,000 In Funding For Tonawanda

Mark Grisanti

August 9, 2013

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) announced today that he has secured funding for the Town of Tonawanda that will be used for environmental, public safety and parks and recreation projects that will enhance and improve conditions in the town while accomplishing budgetary relief and increasing efficiency.

Among the highlights are $300,000 for environmental cleanup efforts by dredging Evergreen Ditch, nearly $45,000 for salt spreaders to keep town roadways clear and safe of snow and ice during the winter months, and approximately $68,000 for various projects for the town's Youth, Parks and Recreation Department.

 "As Chairman of the Senate's Environmental Conservation Committee, I am particularly pleased to help secure funds for the dredging of Evergreen Ditch to help with ongoing cleanup efforts of the environment," Senator Grisanti said. "In addition, we are providing assistance to the town's Highway, Water Services and Youth, Parks and Recreation departments with these funds. The residents of the Town of Tonawanda will directly benefit from these projects."

The acquisition of six slide-in salt spreader units and the hydraulics for all six salters will greatly improve the Town of Tonawanda Highway Department's ability to keep the municipality's roadways clear of snow and ice.
"The cost of maintaining our current fleet of dedicated salters is becoming a drag on our budget and we need to modernize our equipment," said William Swanson, Town of Tonawanda Highway Superintendent. "These slide-in units will accomplish both budgetary relief and increase our efficiency when we salt."
The improvements for the town's Youth, Parks and Recreation Department include adding and upgrading the security camera systems at the town's golf course concession operation and at the Town of Tonawanda Aquatic and Fitness Center. In addition, computer controlled electronic locks at two different maintenance garages and fuel pump security at both garages will improve security at those facilities.
"The Town of Tonawanda thanks Senator Grisanti for working hard to bring needed grant money to fund several town projects and fix some critical infrastructure, saving the town thousands of dollars," said Anthony Caruana, Town of Tonawanda Supervisor. "Our Highway Department will be able to equip our town plows with salt spreaders for winter use. The addition of these spreaders to the plows will cut in half the number of vehicles on the road by eliminating salting trucks, thereby saving fuel and maintenance costs. The funds for our Youth, Parks and Recreation Department are a critical asset for physical security in key areas of their operations throughout the year. Most importantly, the $300,000 that will be used to stabilize the Evergreen Ditch will help shore up the bank along the west side of the ditch which has eroded, causing problems for the residential property owners along Evergreen Drive."

Senator Grisanti believes the investments being made with each project will result in immediate improvements to the Town of Tonawanda.

"These projects will improve the quality of life for residents and will help enhance the area," said Senator Grisanti. "By making the region a nice place to live, work and play, we will also encourage more people to visit the neighborhood, which will assist the many local businesses in Tonawanda. I am pleased to help the Town of Tonawanda complete these valuable improvement and maintenance projects for their residents."