Senator Avella Holds First Social Services Committee Meeting as Newly Appointed Chairman

Tony Avella

April 29, 2014

(ALBANY, NEW YORK) – Today, State Senator Tony Avella hosted his first Social Services Committee meeting after being appointed as Chairman of the committee last month.  


A total of four bills passed the Committee today (S.311C, S.783, S.1588A, S.2328A) which aim to address a number of issues within the public welfare system, Medicaid expenditures and temporary emergency housing.   


Specifically, two of the bills that were passed out of the social services committee will help the recipients of public welfare benefits understand their responsibilities to repay the public assistance and mandate an even distribution of the service fee for child support payments between custodial and non-custodial parents.   


In addition, the committee passed a bill that would eliminate the local share policy for Medicaid expenditure by requiring New York state to assume the local share responsibility over a period of five years.  This legislation would help ease the Medicaid cost burden on local governments.  

Last but not least, another important bill that passed today prohibits level two and level three sex offenders in any temporary emergency housing or homeless shelters used to house families with children.  This legislation would protect the welfare and safety of our children.    


“The important pieces of legislation which were passed today will go a long way in helping New Yorkers better understand public assistance benefits, child support payments, Medicaid expenditures in addition to better safeguard our children from any loopholes available to registered sex offenders,” said Senator Avella. “I commend my committee staff on  putting together such a successful first meeting and look forward to my continued work on social services issues.”