Senator Croci's Statement Regarding Syrian Refugees and Terrorism

Monday, November 16, 2015

For Immediate Release


Senator Thomas D. Croci (R-C-I, Sayville), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Veterans, and Military Affairs, released the following statement regarding New York State’s acceptance of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern locations:

“The intelligence community has long believed that a refugee crisis provides a “Trojan Horse” scenario where people who mean to do us harm can take advantage of America’s openness and compassion to infiltrate our nation undetected.

After the incidents in Paris and the ongoing situation in the Middle East, it is the height of naiveté, and ignores the lessons of September 11th, to admit refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern nations to America, and to New York, without more extensive vetting than is now taking place.

The Governor should also support my legislation, passed in the Senate with bipartisan support, to create a Terrorist Registry, and should also direct the Department of Motor Vehicles to discontinue issuing drivers licenses that do not meet the identity security standards of the Federal REAL ID Act.”

All media inquiries should be directed to Senator Croci’s Communications Specialist, Christine Geed at (631) 398-8044 (call or text) or via email at  Inquiries for additional information should be directed to Senator Croci’s Press Secretary, Jennifer Freeman Romero at (631) 513-5657 or via email at


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