State sheds 57 anti-business fees, heeding Murphy's calls for less red tape

YORKTOWN, NY - Earlier today State Senator Terrence P. Murphy joined Governor Cuomo in announcing the repeal of 57 so-called "nuisance fees" as part of the 2015-16 State Budget. By eliminating these fees, the State has taken an important step toward cutting the red tape which keeps New York ranked as the least business friendly state in the nation, they said.

"As a small business owner I have been nickeled and dimed by the State time and again," Senator Murphy said. "If we are serious about growing successful businesses New York State cannot reasonably expect new enterprises to be able to afford unnecessary fees. These repeals are an important first step for businesses here in the Hudson Valley and across the State to be able to survive and thrive."

As Chairman of the state's Administrative Regulations Review Commission, or ARRC, Murphy is charged with reviewing the fees and regulations imposed by state agencies. The repeals announced today will save nearly $3 million annually for New Yorkers, according to the ARRC.

John Ravitz, executive vice president and COO of the Business Council of Westchester said, "One of the top priorities of the Business Council of Westchester is to cut regulations and fees that deter businesses from coming and growing in Westchester. We commend Senator Murphy for his efforts to reduce these burdens and applaud his efforts of creating a business friendly environment that will nurture jobs and economic success."

Jennifer Maher, chairwoman of Putnam County Chamber of Commerce said, "It is so refreshing to have an advocate for the business community in the halls of Albany like Senator Murphy. New York State must continue to find ways to reduce the oversized bureaucracy that crushes the chances for a business to succeed. The repeal of these fees is an important first step in that mission."

The list of fees which were cut in this year's budget included an annual savings of $2.6 million from fees associated with the Department of State, $243,000 from the Department of Labor, $95,000 from the Workers' Compensation Board, $40,000 from the Department of Agriculture and Markets, $0,000 from the Department of Transportation and $1,000 from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

"I will continue to fight for my fellow business owners and revitalize the American Dream here in New York," Murphy said. "Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and fulfill their dreams without the overreaching hand of big government getting in their way. Today is an important step toward that ultimate goal."