Murphy: Major Traffickers Still Poisoning Our Streets

Terrence Murphy

August 25, 2016

CORTLANDT, NY - Today's news of a major drug bust in the affluent town of Cortlandt is sending a stark reminder that New York's war on heroin continues. The Journal News has reported 65 pounds of heroin, valued at $2.3 million, were seized from a tractor trailer parked outside of 4 Sassi Drive earlier this week. Now, State Senator Terrence Murphy has renewed his call for the passage of legislation he authored that would allow for stiffer penalties for major traffickers.

"We need stiffer penalties for major drug traffickers to make sure they're not back out on the streets pushing their poison to our kids and neighbors," Senator Murphy said. "New York needs to send a message to the major dealers that they will be put away for a long time."

Under Murphy's proposal, which passed the Senate earlier this year, would make anyone selling a controlled substance valued at $25,000 or greater eligible to be prosecuted as a major trafficker. In this instance, the $2.3 million value of the drugs seized in Cortlandt would more than qualify the accused to be charged with a Class A-1 felony and face a minimum of fifteen years in prison.

"Having chaired the Senate's Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Abuse, as well as serving on Governor Cuomo's Task Force, we know it will take a multi-pronged approached to address this terrible epidemic," Murphy explained. "This was a recommendation of the Senate's Task Force and today's news only further justifies it. There is no place in our community for major drug dealers and I only hope the individuals arrested in Croton receive the maximum time in jail."

S.4177 passed the Senate by a vote of 44-14 but was not taken up by the Assembly.