Murphy secures $705K for two local school districts

Albany, NY - Senator Terrence Murphy is pleased to announce that as part of the Smart Schools Bond Act, Smart School Investment Plans totaling $705,375 have been awarded to Mahopac Central School District and Mt. Pleasant Blythedale Schools. Mahopac Central School District will receive a total of $673,061; $416, 523 will go toward school connectivity with $186,538 allocated for classroom technology. The $32, 314 supporting classroom technology for Mt. Pleasant Blythedale School marks approval of the first Special Education Smart Schools Investment Plan.

"Our ongoing investment in Smart Schools equips our schools with the resources and tools we need to educate our students," Senator Murphy said. "The funds will make sure that our students are better prepared for their future by improving school infrastructure and providing access to the latest technology and connectivity."

"Our technology plan identifies gaps in infrastructure that need to be addressed in order for the expansion of instructional technology to occur," said Dr. Dennis Creedon, Superintendent, Mahopac Central School District "Some of the IT infrastructure is approaching end-of-life and will need to be upgraded to be able to accommodate the rapid growth of instructional technology needs in the classroom,"

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently approved 30 Smart School Investment Plans statewide totaling $39 million. The plans will fund several new projects, including $9.3 million for classroom technology purchases, $21.4 million for school connectivity projects and $7.9 million for high-tech security projects.

In 2014, Governor Cuomo called for New York State to invest $2 billion in its schools through a Smart Schools Bond Act - an initiative that would finance educational technology and infrastructure, providing students access to technological tools and internet connectivity they would need to compete in the 21st century economy.

Through the Smart Schools Act, school districts are investing in technology such as computer servers, interactive whiteboards, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and high-speed broadband and wireless connectivity. This technology helps students to learn at their own pace, expands access to advanced courses and interactive curriculum, and enhances communication between parents and teachers. Smart schools funds will facilitate necessary investments in high-tech school security.