State Senator Jacobs Announces Committee Assignments

(ALBANY, NY) – New York State Senator Chris Jacobs (SD-60) announced that Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan has appointed him to the following committees:

•          Administrative Regulation Review Commission (Chairman)

•          Banks

•          Cities

•          Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections

•          Health                                                                                                                                    

•          Insurance

•          Judiciary

•          Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs

•          Select Committee on Technology and Innovation

•          Select Committee on Libraries

•          Select Committee on State-Native American Relations

“These committee assignments put me in a strong position to fight on behalf of the hard working women, men and families of Western New York,” said Senator Chris Jacobs. “Whether it’s fighting burdensome regulations and bureaucratic red tape that stifle job creation, supporting our veterans that served our country with honor or working to create an environment that promotes technology and the spirit of innovation I will be in a position to help my district and the Western New York Community.”

The Administrative Regulations Review Commission is responsible for reviewing agency rules with respect to statutory authority and compliance with legislative intent, as well as impact on the economy, state and local government operations and regulated parties.

The newly created Senate Select Committee on Technology and Innovation works to strengthen economic development by determining the current and future needs of New York’s technology sector and create jobs by increasing access to technology programs.

“In order to create more jobs and opportunity in Western New York we have to create an environment that encourages established businesses to invest and grow and supports our start-up community to be successful,” concluded Jacobs.