Carlucci and Galef Announce $2.2 Million Increase in Education Funding for Ossining Schools

ALBANY – Senator David Carlucci and Assemblywoman Sandy Galef announced that the recently completed State budget will have significant positive impact for the Ossining School District, securing an additional $2.2 million over last year's total.  The State budget contains changes to the foundation aid formula that redefine the poverty level; helping target districts with increased enrollment and high levels of English Language Learners (ELLs) like Ossining.

"Increasing the funding to the Ossining schools is a step in the right direction and will certainly improve the high quality of education in the district.  Working in collaboration with the School District and local advocates we were able to clearly voice the needs of the district and deliver real results.  There is always more we can do for our public schools and I look forward to working with the Ossining students, faculty and administration to achieve even more.   

Assemblywoman Galef stated, "This new state budget is a real win for the Ossining School District. The over $2 million increase in Foundation Aid will help fund programs to address the increase in student enrollment and the specific educational needs of all students in this multi-cultural district.  I applaud all the strong efforts in advocacy by the school administration, the school board, and the parents to make this change in policy happen."  

Superintendent Ray Sanchez added, "This is a significant increase in state aid coming to the Ossining Schools and it would not have been possible without the advocacy of Senator Carlucci and Assemblywoman Galef.  They are both continually advocating for our district and understand the unique challenges we face.  I know the Senator and Assemblywoman will always be responsive to our district's needs and have the best interests of our students in mind at all times."