Puerto Rico Relief Efforts in the Wake of Hurricanes Irma, Maria

What’s unfolding in Puerto Rico is worst case scenario by any definition. The storm has passed, but the island remains without power, and to even assess or communicate the extent of the damage has proven a challenge. Early estimates say power won’t be restored for as many as four to six months. For Puertorriqueños here and home on the island, we are literary in the dark. Some have yet to hear from loved ones.

What we know is that there are nearly three and half million Americans on the island; and they need help.

Together with my son Assemblymember Dilan, the RiseBoro Community Partnership, and Overcoming Love Ministries, in conjunction with Councilmember Espinal, Cypress Hills Local Development Corp., and the After Hours Project, we are opening our doors to serve as drop of locations for donations to assist the people of Puerto Rico.

The offices listed below are accepting donations to aid in the relief efforts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and the people of Puerto Rico.  Please bring donations of bottled water, nonperishable food, baby diapers & formula, flashlights & batteries, first aid supplies, and insect repellent. We will collaborate with local shippers to deliver the items, and local missionaries will distribute them in Puerto Rico.


Check the Status of Friends and Family in Puerto Rico

General Information & Assistance (Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration): Anyone seeking general information or assistance should contact the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) maria1@prfaa.pr.gov. Unless the details in your email have changed, the PRFAA has asked that you email once. To make donations and/or volunteer contact PRFAA at 202-800-3134 or email maria2@prfa.pr.gov.

Contact Emergency Operation Centers: The PRFAA has 12 emergency operation centers dispersed throughout Puerto Rico. The attached map shows the zones the centers cover and the main contacts on the ground via phone, fax, and email.

American Red Cross Safe & Well Website: Check the status of family and friends who have registered with the Red Cross. The database contains the names and messages of those that have registered.

Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico: How New Yorkers can help in relief eforts.