Senator Murphy Digs Putnam Hospital Center Expansion

Terrence Murphy

September 29, 2017

Carmel, NY - A medical professional with more than twenty years of experience, Senator Terrence Murphy knows the value a state-of-the-art facility brings to a community. On Thursday, he joined hospital administrators, medical professionals and regional officials in commemorating the $9 million project to expand and refurbish Putnam Hospital Center's Emergency Department. 

Senator Murphy said, "This will be an enormous addition to the Putnam County Community. I applaud the foresight and dedication of Peter Kelly and his entire team. This is a historic day for Putnam County."

The project, designed by Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) will add 8,400 square feet of space that will include 11 additional treatment bays, a new nurses station, along with separate ambulance and pedestrian entrances to improve safety and flow. The emergency department will also have enhanced triage treatment areas, a new results-pending room, enlarged ambulance bays for better access, interior modifications to the existing unit and parking improvements.

 2017 PHC Groundbreaking

murphy_digs_putnam_hospital_center_expansion2.jpgIn 2016, Putnam Hospital Center serviced 27,115 patients through its emergency department. That figure is expected to tip 28,000 for 2017.