Jacobs Wants to Vote Against Pay Raise for State Politicians

(Buffalo, NY) – State Senator Chris Jacobs is urging the leadership in the State Senate to convene a special session to vote on the proposed pay raise recommended by the State Compensation Committee.  “Legislators should be on record as to whether they are ‘for’ or ‘against’ a $50,000 pay increase. I, for one, will be casting a vote against this excessive proposal,” said Jacobs.

The four-member Compensation Committee is recommending a $30,000 pay increase for 2019 which will increase to $50,000 in two years. This $50,000 pay raise will constitute a 50% increase from legislators current salary of $79,500.

“I don’t think many residents in Western New York are fortunate enough to be getting a $30,000 pay raise this January, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for state legislators to get one. Jacobs mentioned the median income for a resident of New York State is $63,000

Jacobs also criticized the Compensation Committee for not holding any public hearings in Western or Central New York. “The Committee only held three hearings, two in New York City and one in Albany. “This committee seemed only concerned about what New York City and the Albany insiders thought about the pay raise,” said Jacobs.

If the State Legislature does not vote down the Compensation Committee’s recommendation by December 31st, the proposal will become state law.