Senator Dilan Joins Election Committee Colleagues in Kavanagh’s Call to Move Election Reforms

Graham S. Parker

June 4, 2018

Senators Dilan, Kavanagh, Gianaris, Hoylman and Krueger forced committee action on several measures that would reform New York’s election and campaign finance laws. The committee had yet to move the bills. Senator Kavanagh, the Ranking Member on the committee invoked a Senate rule whereby members can formally present the importance of committee consideration of legislation.

“Before the majority cries foul over claims of dysfunction or playing politics, I remind them that these voter reforms are widely supported and critically necessary. The political theater here has always been to block these measures. The majority has quashed these bills at every step in the legislative process. That’s politics. Our electoral process is dated. Our elections exposed to undisclosed influence and unlimited cash. Voters are caught in the middle. They’ve asked lawmakers to help. That’s our job,” said Senator Martin Malavé Dilan.  

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