Senator Murphy Reacts to Coast Guard Scuttling It's Hudson River Anchorage Proposal

Albany, NY - In 2016, the United States Coast Guard announced a controversial proposal to create ten new anchorages along the Hudson River. The first state official to speak out on the proposal, Senator Murphy made his opinion clear, saying, "The proposed anchorage plan does not hold water."
Today the Coast Guard announced it was abandoning ship and scuttling the proposal - at least for the time being. In response to the Coast Guard's announcement, Senator Murphy said:
"The Coast Guard's proposal has finally capsized and sunk under the weight of its own absurdity. The possibility of having an additional ten anchorages on the Hudson was a threat to the economic health of our shoreline communities, and was an ecological and safety hazard waiting to happen.
"A great deal of the success in ending this ill-advised idea is owed to the thousands of people who expressed their disapproval by signing my online petition and attending the Senate's Hudson River Barge Hearings. The end result, a victory for everyone in the Hudson Valley, illustrates that positive results can be achieved when government listens to the concerns of the people it serves. Once again, all I can say is "bon voyage" and good riddance."